Lil' Waif Puppy Rescue

Rebecca has always loved the idea of protecting the most vulnerable. She is the mother of five daughters, four of whom came to her through adoption. She now rescues puppies, surrounding herself with precious, four-legged children. Rebecca co-runs Lil’ Waif, a rescue that saves the lives of orphan puppies and finds loving families for them to call home. She attributes her love for rescue to knowing that a dog can…Read More

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Terry Andrews

Terry Andrews is an award-winning writer. Her first novel, Dance of the Jaguar, won a 2008 Silver Nautilus, given to books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, and positive social change. She is also the author of four other books and creator of the Talisman sacred path cards. A journalist and editor for many years, she now offers guidance in spiritual growth and personal awakening ( More

William Bacon

William Bacon, son of Ed and Ivet Bacon, graduated from the College of San Mateo in Business and Horticulture. In the 1980s he joined many in his family in a move to the Pacific Northwest. In 1981 he graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in English. Since then he has managed the gardens and grounds of a private estate while enjoying the company of his extended family in…Read More

Books: Ed & Ivet

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Phyllis Baker

Phyllis Baker attended Pomona College and the University of Washington. Press Gang of Vancouver, B.C., published her writing in Fishmarket and Other Poems, distributed by University of Toronto Press. Her poems have also appeared in Riverside Poetry 3, Yankee and The Seattle Helix. She attended Nelson Bentley’s poetry writing workshop at the University of Washington. She lives in North Seattle.Bennett & Hastings is pleased to be publishing a collection of…Read More

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Philip Boulding

Philip Boulding is best known for his contributions in the field of music. For years, Philip has been recognized as a musician and harpist, designer, master craftsman, teacher and composer. He and his wife, Pam, record and perform as Magical Strings. In this collection we get a glimpse of Philip's offstage life as father, husband, son and seeker.Read More

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Stan Bowen

Sgt. Stan Bowen served two tours of duty in Vietnam, A-107, A-225, SOG CCN FOB4, between 1966-1968. He is a decorated veteran, with three Purple Hearts. Upon returning to the United States, he completed a degree in Southeast Asian Studies. In Veritas' Shadow is his only published book. Mr. Bowen died in a car accident in 2010.Read More

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W.H. Buxton

Winslow (W.H.) Buxton is a retired Navy Commander and helicopter pilot who received his Masters of Science in Information Technology and Management from the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. After retiring from the Navy, he worked as a Knowledge Systems Architect Consultant, helping multiple Navy and Air Force Commands initiate and develop their Knowledge Management Programs. He currently resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida with his wife, Bonnie.Read More

Books: Cyberlife

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Dave Chaddock

Dave Chaddock has studied the history of U.S. relations with China and Korea for several years. He is authoring a multi-volume set on the topic.Dave holds a B.A. from Boston University and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Washington. The time he has spent researching what started as his doctoral work, may have (he says) set a record for most postgraduate years working toward a PhD without ever…Read More

Doris L. Cope

Doris Cope is founder of Safe Harbors, a nonprofit child abuse prevention education organization. Enrolled in Fuller Theological Seminary, Doris is specializing in pastoral care and counseling, preparing herself to help others who have been sexually abused or find themselves in pain and anguish within an urban church environment. Doris is affiliated with Darkness to Light®, a nonprofit organization with a mission to diminish the incidence and impact of child…Read More

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D.C. Corso

D.C. Corso was born the youngest of nine and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her time spent living in the Pacific Northwest inspired the setting for Skin and Bones; imagination inspired the rest. D.C. now resides in Northern California with her husband, Michael.Read More

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Eugene Curnow

Gene Curnow was born in 1925 into a colorful family. His father worked as a high rigger during the construction of the Oakland Bay bridge. He was also a local moonshine maker, which he said helped his balance. His mother was a deeply religious woman who eventually raised Gene with the help of an uncle who owned property in Poverty Flat, in northern California near Whiskeytown. Although the Depression was…Read More

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Karl Dardick

Karl Dardick is a University of Washington Alumni and remains active in North Seattle Community College Poetry Workshops. A variety of Karl’s work has previously appeared in the Licton Springs Review in various incarnations, among numerous other publications.Read More

Dawn Darington

Dawn Darington was a mental health professional for thirty years. She has worked as a Psychiatric Technician, Mental Health Specialist, therapist and teacher in California before moving to the Pacific Northwest where she is now a business owner and political activist.Read More

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M.J. Davis

A member of American MENSA®, M. J. Davis holds a doctorate in educational psychology. He uses fiction to explore questions around cognitive architecture, abuse and adaptive learning. He develops charitable projects to help others find their voice in literature. He lives in rural Washington on a small farm with his family.Read More

Books: Golden Years

King Eric I

Eric the First lives and writes in Seattle, WA. This is his first novel. He is working on a sequel, Slave Heaven.Read More

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Ron Fugere

Ron Fugere was born and raised in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. At a young age, he developed a love of the water. He has cruised extensively on the waters of the Pacific Northwest, and is a veteran of many single-handed voyages. Joining him in his travels is Slipper, ship’s cat. Ron is a licensed captain, holding a USCG 100-ton master's license. He lives in Port Orchard, not…Read More

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Andrew George

Andrew George was born in Durham, NC in 1966. Although he has traveled throughout the world, he has spent most of his life in Seattle where he graduated from Seattle University. He still resides in Seattle today. See also: Lena Van BibberRead More

Books: Tempo

Joseph W. Greif

Joseph W. Greif, was born April 7, 1956 in Furstenfeldbrook, Bavaria, Germany. Raised in Cottonwood, Idaho, he lives now in Seattle, WashingtonRead More

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Suzanne M. Griffin

Dr. Suzanne Griffin held leadership positions in Washington State education agencies and institutions for over twenty years before returning to Afghanistan in 2002 to research ways of improving the literacy skills of Afghan women. When she arrived in Kabul, Suzanne was assigned a larger role in rebuilding the country’s educational system. She has spent over eleven years there leading projects in education, higher education, and health.Read More

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George Hastings

George Hastings was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He attended St. Mary's College. He began studying anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner in the 1970s, and in the 1980s began looking at how similar themes were being conveyed via great works of art. Mr. Hastings is, above all, a student of the development of human consciousness and freedom. His writings focus on how that theme is portrayed via allegory in…Read More

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Amanda Koster

Amanda is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has made it her mission to raise awareness by documenting some of the world’s more compelling issues. For over a decade she has combined her anthropology background with photographic and media-making skills to create inspiring media content as a means for powerful communication, storytelling and learning.Read More

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Jon McCracken

Jon McCracken has been collecting bear images since childhood. Called to the wild, he resisted long enough to earn his B.A., B.S. and M.B.A. He served in the U.S. Air Force (North Dakota, Okinawa, and Korea) and as a Defense Attache Officer in Saigon. Later, in the U.S., he worked as Chief Financial Officer for the King County Sherriff. A confirmed arctophile and bibliophilist, in retirement he is also an…Read More

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Paul Michel

Paul Michel is an award-winning story writer whose short fiction has appeared in a number of publications. He lives and writes in Seattle. A complete bio is available at: www.paulmichel.comRead More

Books: Houdini Pie

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Clay Moyle

Clay Moyle is a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO), created in 1982 for the purpose of establishing an accurate history of boxing and compiling complete and accurate boxing records. He is also a passionate collector of boxing books with over 3,000 titles in his personal collection, many dating back to the 1800's.He has a personal website from which he sells boxing books, autographs, programs, and other forms…Read More

Books: Sam Langford

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Stacey Neary

Stacey Neary has been a certified dog trainer since 1984, specializing in agression issues. Her experience includes Search and Rescue work, Personal Protection training, as well as obstacle course work. She is a breeder of top-quality working German Shepherds and contributing writer for Off Lead training magazine.Read More

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Charles B. Neff

Charles B. Neff has been an administrator at four U.S. universities and has led international development projects in Colombia and Russia. He has authored books on cross-cultural learning and executive searches, and has written three previous novels. He lives near Seattle, Washington.Read More

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Greg Palmer

In a career spanning forty years, Greg Palmer has written for a variety of media, while also working as a radio station manager, talk show host, stevedore, news reporter, documentary and fiction film producer, and short order cook. Previous books include: Adventures in the Mainstream: Coming of Age with Down Syndrome (Woodbine House); Death: The Trip of a Lifetime (Harper Collins); The GI’s Rabbi: World War Two Letters of David…Read More

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Donald L. Parks

Mystery Codes From Ancient Times is Don's first book for the non-technical reader. As a Human Factors Research Engineer and Systems Analyst in the Aerospace Industry, Don Parks' role was to resolve human performance questions for vehicle design. He would seek crumbs of fact buried in a plethora of opinions and fuzzy data, applying computer simulations, laboratory tests, or systems analysis as required.Finding opinions too often negated by fact, Don…Read More

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Richard Pelto

​Richard Pelto (3 B.A.s and a Masters from University of Washington) has been a reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, wire editor of the Aberdeen Daily World, and reporter with the Wenatchee Daily World. In 1966-67 he edited the Neighborhood House social-service agency newspaper. He also was co-editor of the Naval station newspaper he was assigned to in El Centro, California. He has also been a high school and community college…Read More

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Win Peterson

Win Peterson lives and writes in Vancouver, WA with his wife and their college-age daughter. In 2005 he published a book entitled The Dyon-Twist Model of Fundamental Particles: A Theory of Matter and Energy.Read More

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Jane Ross Potter

Jane, an avid hiker armchair mountaineer, has hiked in the Himalayas. A native of Edinburgh and former scientist, she now lives and works as an attorney in the Pacific Northwest. You can visit the author's website at for more information.Read More

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JR Reynolds

JR Reynolds lives and writes in Northwest Washington, sharing her home with Westies, Gypsy Magic, and Diana the Huntress.Read More

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Glenn Rockowitz

Glenn Rockowitz (b. May 27, 1970, Plainview, New York), is an American writer, filmmaker and comedian who wrote and directed the cult independent film Hacks in 2002. The film garnered many festival awards including Best Comedy at The New York Film Festival; Best Picture at the Chicago Digital Film Festival; and Best Picture at the Orinda Film Festival outside of San Francisco.Rockowitz graduated from Arcadia High School in 1988, where…Read More

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Alan Rose

Alan Rose received his master's degree in divinity at the School of Theology at Claremont, California. The Legacy of Emily Hargraves reflects his interest in spirituality, sexuality, and psychotherapy (literally, the healing of the soul.) A native of the Pacific Northwest, he has lived in Tokyo and Melbourne, Austrailia, and now resides in rural southwest Washington State.Read More

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Harry Rutstein

Harry is a modern day Marco Polo who is the first person in history to accurately follow the route of Marco Polo over land and sea from Venice, Italy to Beijing, China (1975 to 1985). He is author of In the Footsteps of Marco Polo: A 20th Century Odyssey, published by The Viking Press. In 1981 he produced the documentary film entitled "On the Roof of the World with Marco…Read More

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Sid Santiano

Sid Santiano (1988-????) was born in Manila, Philippines. He grew up in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and Washington's King County. Troublesome as a teenager, a week’s stay in the hospital with bacterial meningitis reprioritized his life. From that point on, he began to be more interested in science, sociology, and philosophy. He is one of the only Bastyr-trained herbalists in Seattle's MMJ industry. Someday he’d like to do stand-up comedy. His…Read More

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Michael Schein

Michael Schein of Seattle is a published poet, story writer, and practicing trial attorney. From 1988–2003 Michael taught American Legal History, which led him to a fascinating high society murder trial defended by John Marshall and Patrick Henry. The result is the historical courtroom mystery, Just Deceits. Michael is also Artistic Director of the annual LitFuse poetry workshop, and his poetry has received honors, including two Pushcart Prize nominations. To…Read More

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Barrett Schmanska

Barrett Schmanska currently works for the Port Gamble S’Klallam Indian Reservation. He resides in Seattle.Read More

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Nina C. Smith

Nina Smith is a pedagogical consultant who helps teachers to thrive in their profession. She also mentors teachers pursuing master's degree at Western Governors University, and is a mother of four successful children. Nina’s concrete teaching experience with elementary age students as well as teenagers and adults, in addition to her studies in education and psychology, are giving depth to her 3C-model of effective education. Originally Nina comes from Finland…Read More

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David Svendsen

The author was born David E. Swensen and spent the first nineteen years at 5232 Orchard Terrace in Rainier Valley, otherwise know as Garlic Gulch from its Italian influence. He returned to the Norwegian spelling of his last name in 1992. He graduated from Franklin High School, the U.S. Department of Defense Journalism and Public Relations School at Fort Slocum, New York and Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. After…Read More

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Lena Van Bibber

Lena Van Bibber was born in Evansville, IN in 1973 but was raised in Seattle. She has always had a love for music and plays a wide variety of instruments. She still resides in Seattle with her husband and three children. See also: Andrew GeorgeRead More


Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne

Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne is a descendant of one of the ancient Russian noble families. She is a decorated survivor of the Siege of Leningrad and an award-winning author of fourteen books. She lives in the middle of a forest in the State of Washington, surrounded by her family, Old Master paintings, and hundreds of books.Read More

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James L. Wingard

Jim made his way through college by working in a produce warehouse. After graduating from the University of Washington, Jim spent two years in the US Army. He is now retired and living in Tacoma, Washington.Read More

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