Doris L. Cope

Doris Cope is founder of Safe Harbors, a nonprofit child abuse prevention education organization. Enrolled in Fuller Theological Seminary, Doris is specializing in pastoral care and counseling, preparing herself to help others who have been sexually abused or find themselves in pain and anguish within an urban church environment. Doris is affiliated with Darkness to Light®, a nonprofit organization with a mission to diminish the incidence and impact of child sexual abuse. She recently completed the Stewards of Children™ facilitation training program and is conducting workshops and training programs to teach adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Her previous work experience includes positions in the high-tech life sciences industry and the railroad. Doris holds a BA in Social Science from California State University, MBA from the University of Phoenix and MS in Advanced Administration from Claremont Graduate University. She lives in Edgewood, Washington with her husband Willie Robinson.

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Books by Doris L. Cope

A Freed Woman's Dance

Author: Doris L. Cope
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934733-24-0
Pages: 197
Size: 6" x 9"
Type: Hardcover
Price: $29.95
Categories: Memoir

A Freed Woman's Dance is a memoir of courage, strength and resilience. Out of her very personal and compelling story of neglect and abuse, Doris Cope has found her way to healing and has embarked on a journey to help other survivors find freedom and empowerment.Doris began life in 1952 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her early years were full of squalor, conflict and fear. Her father was an unemployed, disabled railroad…Read More