Donald L. Parks

Mystery Codes From Ancient Times is Don's first book for the non-technical reader. As a Human Factors Research Engineer and Systems Analyst in the Aerospace Industry, Don Parks' role was to resolve human performance questions for vehicle design. He would seek crumbs of fact buried in a plethora of opinions and fuzzy data, applying computer simulations, laboratory tests, or systems analysis as required.

Finding opinions too often negated by fact, Don became a dedicated skeptic, questioning anything that was not rational. It was this mindset that influenced his reaction to the Cayce material, pointing him to new discoveries that would eventually lead him to write his first book.

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Books by Donald L. Parks

Mystery Codes from Ancient Times: Unraveling Connections: Ancient 'Codes', Stealthy Secrets, Edgar Cayce and More

Author: Donald L. Parks
Published: October 4, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-934733-00-4
Pages: 292
Size: 6" x 9"
Type: Paperback
Price: $29.00
Categories: Non-Fiction History: World History

It can't be true... can it? That's what Don Parks asked when he first read Edgar Cayce's The Sleeping Prophet. His inner skeptic was amazed when follow-up research to debunk the claims instead confirmed. This is the story of his search for answers to some of the questions skeptics have asked for centuries. - Reincarnation: First acknowledged in the Bible but later denied. - Pole Shifts: Were ancient floods caused…Read More